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Xolisma vaccinioides Small, sp. nov
A shrub with reddishor pale-scurfy twigs; leaves numerous, bright-green, the blades thickish, oblong or oval, varying to broadest above or below the middle, 1-3 cm. long, obtuse or truncate at the apex, undulate, reticulate, shining above, dull beneath, short-petioled; panicles cluster-like, rather many-flowered, the pedicels slender; calyx about 3 mm. wide, the lobes 4 or 5, deltoid to ovatedeltoid, abruptly pointed; corolla white (?), urceolate, about 4 mm. long, the lobes 4 or 5, very broad, much shorter than the tube; filaments about 2 mm. long, slender above the dilated bases, minutely puberulent; anthers 1 mm. long; capsules narrowly ovoid, 3.5-4.5 mm. long.
Type collected at Nueva Gerona, Isle of Pines, Cuba, Curtiss, March, 1904 (herb. N. Y. Bot.
Distribution : Known only from the type locality .
bibliographic citation
John Kunkel Small, NathanieI Lord Britton, Per Axel Rydberg, LeRoy Abrams. 1914. ERICALES, CLETHRACEAE, LENNOACEAE, PTROLACEAE, MONOTROPACEAE, ERICACEAE, UVA-URSI. North American flora. vol 29(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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