Fissidens manateensis

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Fissidens manateensis Grout in Holz. Musci Acroc
Bor. Am. 590. 1926.
Very similar to F. debilis and difficult to distinguish when sterile ; leaves averaging smaller and narrower ; dorsal lamina ending less abruptly and usually more nearly reaching the stem ; cells just above the vaginant laminae 15-21 m, irregularly subquadrate to hexagonal; perichaetial leaves longer than those below, several times as long as the capsule and seta; monoicous; male flowers terminating short axillary branches bearing bract-like leaves; seta terminal at the end of a main branch, 1-3 mm. long, plainly longer than the capsule; capsule obovoid; operculum long-conic; peristome-teeth deeply cleft, the divisions long, slender, and obliquely striate above; spores about 15 ^ in diameter, maturing in early spring.
Type locauTy: Near the road from Oneco to Arcadia, Manatee Co., Florida.
Distribution: On logs in water, Florida.
bibliographic citation
Robert Statham Williams. 1943. (BRYALES); DICRANACEAE, LEUCOBRYACEAE. North American flora. vol 15(3). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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