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Leucaena shannoni

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Leucaena shannoni Donn. Smith, Bot. Gaz. 57: 419. 1914
A tree 6-10 m. high, or shrubby, the twigs, petioles and leaf-rachis sparingly pubescent or glabrous. Petiolar gland oblong; petioles 1.5-5 cm. long; pinnae 4-6 pairs, slender-stalked, the stalks 3 cm. long or shorter; leaflets 9-17 pairs, oblong, or the upper ones elliptic-obovate, glabrous or sparingly pubescent, 12-22 mm. long, 5-8 mm. wide, reticulate-veined, the apex rounded; rachilla bearing a small gland at the upper pair of pinnae; peduncles 12-22 mm. long; heads racemose; flowers glabrous ; calj-x 2 mm. long; petals spatulate-lanceolate, 3 mm. long; stamens 6 mm. long; legume rather broadly linear, 10-15 cm. long, 1.5-2 cm. wide, densely velutinous, the tip triangular, the base narrowed into a short stipe.
Type locality: El Salvador.
Distribution; Chiapas; El Salvador; Nicaragua.
bibliographic citation
Nathaniel Lord Britton and Joseph Nelson Rose. 1928. (ROSALES); MIMOSACEAE. North American flora. vol 23(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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