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Lobelia jaliscensis ]Mcaugh, Am. Midi. Nat. 24: 697. 1940
Stem erect, simple, up to 1.5 mm. in diameter at base, 30-55 cm. high, purplish at base, slightly prickly below and increasingly so above; leaves cauline, few-20, thick, minutely rough-pubescent above, attenuate at both base and apex, 3-3.5 mm. wide by 6-10 cm. long, yellow-green above, apparently slightly glaucous beneath, the margins thickened and often revolute, remotely callose-denticulate; roots fleshy, tuberous, elongated; inflorescence secund, few-15 cm. long, 10-25-flowered, appearing pedunculate, the stem naked for 4-6 cm. below it; pedicels strongly ascending, 3-4 mm. long in fruit, bristly-pubescent, flattened, each with a pair of short green filiform bracteoles near base; bracts prickly-ciliate, 7 mm. long or less; flower 10-13 mm. long, including h>'panthium; corolla blue, pubescent without, the tube 3.5 mm. long, fenestrate, the lobes of the lower lip broadly rounded, up to 3.5 mm. wide by 5.5 mm. long, the two upper lobes with a broad base, the terminal part nearly linear, 1 mm. wide by 4 mm. long; filament-tube 2 mm. long, the filaments ciliate, connate about one-third their length ; anther-tube about 1.5 mm. long, all 5 anthers white-tufted at tip; hypanthium in anthesis obliquely hemispheric, rough-pubescent, in fruit hemispheric, somewhat flattened at base, about 4 mm. broad by 3 mm. high; capsule almost wholly inferior; cal>Tj-lobes linear or narrowly triangular, prickly-pubescent, strongly reflexed even in the young flower, caUose-toothed, 3 mm. long; seeds ellipsoid, very faintly lined, shining, about 0.4 mm. in length.
Type localit-; Open pine forest on steep hillside, San Sebastian, northea-st of Hacienda del Ciira, in the Sierra Madre, at an elevation of 1425 m., Jalisco, Mexia 1371 (U. S. Nat. Arb.!). IJistribution: Known only from the type locality.
bibliographic citation
Rogers McVaugh. 1943. CAMPANULALES; CAMPANULACEAE; LOBELIOIDEAE. North American flora. vol 32A(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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