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Pratia acuminata (Sw.) McVaugh, comb. nov
fjybelia acuminata Sw. Prrxlr. 117. 1788.
Hapunlium acuminatum Prcsl, I'rixlr. Mon. Ix>b. 24. 1836.
Tupa acuminata A. DC. in DC. I'rodr. 7: 396, in part. 1839.
lAclia aUxia l>. K. Wimmcr, Rtixrrl. Sp. Nov. 38: 86. 1935. (WuUuManel 909.)
Closely similar to P. innominata in all characters of foliage and innorcsceiKe, but easily •icparatcd by its larger flowers; smrmth and glabrous throuKhoul ; stem shrubby, O.fr 1.2 in. high, often with conspicuous oval leaf scars below; leaves shining, I lie serrations often unequal, with large and small teeth interspersed or alternating, 4-8 per cm., the blades 3.5-5 cm. broad by 19-35 cm. long; pedicels 25-50 mm. long in fruit; bracteoles 5-14 mm. long, at the middle of the pedicel or above, rarely within 3 mm. of the long-attenuate base of the hypanthium; flower-bracts linear, 13-20 mm. long, or the lowest wider and longer, up to 6 mm. wide by 60 mm. long; flower not inverted, 42-53 mm. long, including hj-panthiura; corolla 30-38 mm. long, white, yellowish-white or tinged mth rose, the tube lS-20 mm. long, the lobes 1 1-14 mm. long; filament-tube 23-27 ram. long, exserted half its length or more, the filaments connate about two-thirds their length; anther-tube 8-9 mm. long, glabrous, the two smaller anthers with a white tuft, sometimes 2 mm. long, at tip; caljTt-lobes slendersubulate , glabrous, sparsely callose-toothed or nearly entire, 1-3 mm. wide at base by 15-20 (28) mm. long; seeds as in P. innominata.
Type locality: Jamaica, herb. Swartz (Stockholm!). Distribution: Mountains of western Jamaica.
bibliographic citation
Rogers McVaugh. 1943. CAMPANULALES; CAMPANULACEAE; LOBELIOIDEAE. North American flora. vol 32A(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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