Dicranella secunda

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Dicranella secunda (Sw.) Lindb. Musci Scand. 26. 1879
Dicranum secundum Sw. Sv. Vet.-Akad. NyaHandl. 16: 244. 1795. Dicranum subulatum Hedw. Sp. Muse. 128. 1801. Dicranum curvatum Hedw. Sp. Muse. 132. 1801. Dicranella curvala Schimp. Coroll. Bryol. Eur. 13. 1855.
Plants in soft green tufts; stems up to 2 cm. high, with leaves more or less erect or spreading-flexuous, often curved-secund: upper stem-leaves from an ovate-lanceolate base rather gradually narrowed to a slender, grooved subula, denticulate to nearly entire at the apex; costa 40-45 n wide at the base, about one fifth of the width of the leaf-base, more or less excurrent, the narrow leaf-blade becoming indistinct or wanting some distance below the apex; upper leaf-cells very narrow, 3-4 ju wide and up to 40 fi long, the basal ones about as long and twice as wide; perichaetial leaves denticulate at the apex and more or less crenulate-denticulate at the shoulder, up to about 3 mm. long, the inner one or two convolute often one half up, abruptly, sometimes almost truncately narrowed to an erect subula, usually shorter than the next outer leaves, which are less clasping, with shorter ovate or obovate base only about one fourth the subula in length: seta erect, red, 10-16 mm. long: capsule short-oblong, more or less curved and nodding to horizontal, not strumose, ribbed when dry, with broad annulus and long, obliquely rostrate lid; exothecal cells mostly irregularly elongate with somewhat sinuous, thickened walls; peristome-teeth 50-60 ^ wide and 350 y. high, reddish-brown, divided scarcely one half down, striate below, with the inner lamellae often distant, and the basal membrane usually not evident above the mouth and 3 or 4 rows high of narrow, rather indistinct cells : spores slightly papillose, up to 1 8 fi in diameter.
Type locality: Sweden.
Distribution: From subarctic America to the White Mountains in the Bast and to California in the West ; also in Europe and Asia.
bibliographic citation
Robert Statham Williams. 1913. (BRYALES); DICRANACEAE, LEUCOBRYACEAE. North American flora. vol 15(2). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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