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Abasia platyrostris Pillai, 1963

MATERIAL EXAMINED.—9 3 from the buccal cavity of 2 Synodus ulae Schultz from Honolulu, Hawaii. One from the buccal cavity of Saurida undosquamis (Richardson) from the Arabian Sea (20°49′N, 69°41′E) R/V Anton Bruun, Cruise 4B, Station 209A. One paratype donated to the Smithsonian collections by Dr. Pillai from the buccal cavity of Synodus indicus collected at Trivandrum, India. One from all Western Australia.

Female: Body form as in Figure 29a. This species was well described by Pillai and only a few additional details are added here. Caudal rami (Figure 29b) longer than wide (100 × 65 μm) armed with plumose setae as in the figure, longest 147 μm. First antenna (Figure 29c) 2–segmented; first segment armed with 23 setae, distalmost setae armed with stout spinules (“conspicuously pectinate” of Pillai, p. 7); second segment armed with 12 setae and 1 aesthete.

Leg 2 (Figure 29d) rami 2–segmented; exopod first 2 segments each with a stout, inwardly directed spine on the outer distal corners; endopod first segment outer distal corner with a row of stout spinules; interpodal plate with a prominent distal fringe. Leg 3 (Figure 29e) rami 2-segmented; exopod last segment with 3 spines and 3 short setae (Pillai shows only 2 setae); endopod segments with a row of stout spinules on outer edges. Leg 4 (Figure 29f) ramus 2-segmented with a spine on the outer distal corner of the first and 3 short spines on the distal end of the second segment, all spines with a short row of spinules near their bases. Legs 5 and 6 each reduced to a single seta on genital segment.
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Cressey, Roger F. and Cressey, H. B. 1979. "The parasitic copepods of Indo-West Pacific lizardfishes (Synodontidae)." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 1-71. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.296


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Trivandrum, India; off northwestern Australia; Honolulu, Hawaii; Arabian Sea
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