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Huon tree kangaroos are solitary, with females having separate territories, and males having territories that overlap those of several females, with a larger territory increasing their breeding opportunities (3). Breeding occurs year-round, although lower mating rates have been recorded from October to March in captivity (2) (3). Gestation lasts 39 to 45 days, which is the longest of any known marsupial, after which the single joey crawls into the mother's pouch, where it firmly attaches to one of four nipples for 90-100 days (3). At around 300 days, the joey first ventures out of the pouch but will continue to return to nurse, and at 350 days it is fully independent of the pouch (2) (5). After weaning, the young tree kangaroo will leave its mother to establish its own territory (5). Sexual maturity is obtained at 2 years of age, and individuals are known to have lived as long as 14 years in captivity (3). The Huon tree kangaroo is almost exclusively folivorous, preferring mature leaves, and has the large sacculated stomach typical of the macropod family, which aids the breakdown and digestion of tough leafy material (3). The diet is also supplemented, however, by wild fruits, flowers, nuts, bark, sap, insects, bird eggs and young birds (2) (3).


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