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Achelia alaskensis (Cole)

Ammothea alaskensis Cole, 1904:266–268, pl. 12: fig. 4; pl. 17: figs. 4–12.—Child, 1987:552–553 [literature].

Achelia alaskensis.—Hedgpeth, 1949:289.

Achelia kamtschatica? Losina-Losinsky, 1961:92–93, fig. 17.

MATERIAL EXAMINED.—Aleutian Islands, Attu Island, Chichagoff Harbor, coll. W.H. Dall, sta 163 (1007), 1873 (1); Kiska Island, Kiska Harbor, coll. W.H. Dall, sta 166 (1003), 1873 (1 with eggs); same locality, coll. W.H. Dall, sta 187 (1013), 7 Jul 1873 (2 2 juv); same locality, coll. W.H. Dall, sta 188 (1014), 7 Jul 1873 (1, 3, 3 juv); same locality, coll. W.H. Dall, sta 211 (1025), 1873 (2 with eggs, 1, 2 juv); same locality, coll. W.H. Dall, sta 235 (1036), 1873 (1 juv, 2 dissected trunks); same locality, coll. W.H. Dall, 18 m, no sta, 1873 (2, 2 juv).

Pribilof Islands, St. Paul Island (type locality), coll. W.H. Dall, sta 721 (1163), 24 Jul 1874 (1 juv); same locality, east rookery, coll. G.D. Hanna, intertidal, 11 May 1914 (1, 3 juv).

Aleutians, W of Amchitka Island, 51°29.9′N, 178°39.6′E, 154 m, trawl, R/V Lets Go, cruise 861, sta 57, 18 Aug 1986 (1 juv).

DISTRIBUTION.—Widely distributed across the North Pacific from the Korean and Japanese coasts, the Russian Arctic, the Aleutians and Alaska, British Columbia, Canada, to as far south as San Francisco, California, in 0–180 m.

DIAGNOSIS.—Tiny species, leg span slightly less than 10 mm. Trunk circular in outline, lateral processes contiguous, armed with 0–3 short setae. Ocular tubercle very low, not as tall as its diameter, eyes well pigmented. Proboscis typical. Abdomen extending only to distal tip of first coxae, fourth leg pair. Chelifores moderately short, with short distal setae, chelae stubs oval.

Palps 8-segmented, short. Ovigers typical. Legs moderately slender with few setae, propodus slender with 3 primary heel spines and 2 lateral smaller spines, sole with 6–7 short small spines. Auxiliaries about 0.7 as long as main claw.
bibliographic citation
Child, C. Allan. 1995. "Pycnogonida of the Western Pacific Islands, XI: Collections from the Aleutians and other Bering Sea Islands, Alaska." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 1-29. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.569