EOL Working Groups + Partners

EOL succeeds thanks to the knowledge, creativity, and dedication of a global community of scientists, educators, students, nature enthusiasts, and staff. Meet the organizations and people who make EOL possible:

EOL Secretariat

The EOL Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day operational management, coordination, and planning of EOL and its working groups.

EOL Working Groups

Working Groups are responsible for the day-to-day management and delivery of EOL component efforts.

EOL Content Partners

Content Partners  contribute taxon information to EOL’s database.

EOL Global Partners

Global Partners are the institutions that are at the heart of EOL’s international efforts.

EOL Science Advisors

Science advisors are individuals who have graciously assisted as we developed TraitBank.

EOL Classification Providers

Classification Providers supply the taxonomic infrastructure EOL uses to organize pages.

EOL Technology Providers

Technology Providers supply EOL with the expertise and products used to build our technology platforms.  

EOL Rubenstein Fellows

The EOL Rubenstein Fellows program supports scientists who use EOL as a platform for research and outreach.

EOL Interns + Volunteers 

Interns and volunteers play an important role in helping to build EOL as a resource.