Your EOL Watch List

EOL makes it easy for you to stay connected to the conversations you participate in through your EOL Watch List. Your Watch List is visible to you and all users of EOL, but only you have the ability to control what’s in it.

To view your Watch List, please visit your EOL Profile and click on the Collections tab.

EOL Watchlist

Every time you leave a comment on an item in EOL or join an EOL Community, we add a link to that item in your Watch List. You can also just add an item to your Watch List by selecting it when you choose to add something to a collection.

If you wish, you can change the name of your Watch List to something that you find more interesting. You can even change the description of your Watch List.

To review all of the activity associated with items in your Watch List, please visit your Watch List Newsfeed in your EOL Profile.

Remove items from your Watch List as your interests change, or move them into a new or existing EOL Collection to start the process of organizing life in a way that you care about.

Note - EOL places your Watch List in the Collections tab of your EOL Profile because it is a special sort of Collection that behaves just like other collections, except your Watch List won’t be linked to any Taxon Pages, and activities associated with your Watch List will not show up on the Updates tab on any Taxon Pages.