Technologies and APIs

EOL is developed by a talented community of software professionals from around the world.  We use the Agile development methodology and follow best practices in software product management.  You can track our activity by visiting the EOL project page at GitHub.

As part of EOL's commitment to global access, all our software is Open Source.  It is freely available at GitHub under the MIT license.

The EOL website was developed using progressive enhancement to maximize the accessibility of the site.  It was built using Ruby on Rails ( on top of a MySQL database (  EOL uses Solr  ( for fast searching and an internally developed content delivery system for large media.  Our nightly automated harvesting process uses PHP (  All of these tools run on a mix of virtual machines and bare metal Linux-based hosts located at a variety of locations.

Our EOL API strives to be RESTful and is documented at

To accelerate the massive task of translating EOL interfaces into the many languages of H. sapiens, we work with

If you have any questions about EOL's technology or product roadmap visit the EOLv2 Blog at or send us an email.


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