EOL Content Priorities

  • Aedes aegypti by James Gathany, Public Domain
  • Harbor Seal by Victor Burolla, cc-by-sa
  • Delonix regia by Mauricio Mercadante, cc-by-nc-sa
  • Sea Pig - Scotoplanes globosa by MBARI , cc-by-nc-sa

The EOL team has begun a focused effort to assemble rich content for taxa of particular public interest. We remain committed to bringing you information on all organisms, but need to do our best to serve the information most in demand from our visitors as soon as possible. We are watching the news, and tracking our highest-traffic pages. We have consulted our community of experts to find out which organisms have an immediate impact on humans. These include commercially valuable species, invasive pests and disease organisms, charismatic and familiar animals, popular ornamental plants, newly discovered species, and plants, animals and fungi on which we rely for food, among other groups.

We seek content partners who can share this information, as well as experts who can organize, rate, and authenticate new content. Our Fellows Program and Rapid Response team will recruit biologists to organize and develop priority content. We will also be reaching out to everyone to help us find and assemble multimedia, text and other resources on these high priority organisms.

Each year we develop a RedHotList to help guide our page content development. The RedHotLists represent our inventory of taxa for which adequately rich pages are most urgently needed. These lists, which evolve through the year, typically include invasive species, most frequent searches on EOL, economically important species, iconic species, and several other categories of taxa we expect to be of particular interest to various groups of EOL users.

The HotList, a more comprehensive inventory of high priority species and higher taxa, includes tens of thousands of taxa.

Both the HotList and the annual RedHotLists are works in progress and we seek your input on organisms that should be included, as well as your help in assembling rich information about these plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms.