Description of Odontochlamys gouraudi ( anglais )

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CIliate, about 30-50 x 25-35 microns, shape ellipsoid, to the rear more broad, front and back rounded. 2-3:1 flattened. Macronucleus always ellipsoid, lies usually closely underneath the entrance to the staggered array , with many small, peripheral bodies and a larger central mass. Micronucleus 3-4 microns in the diameter, strongly refractive, yellowish, lies in the proximity of the macronucleus. 2 contractile vacuoles, lect one lies between the kineties 1 and 2 and is somewhat smaller than the right most (70%) of which are between the kneties 4 and 5, more rarely between kineties 3 and 4 (30%). Movement slow sliding. Somatic and oral infraciliature very similar as with Chilodonella. The kineties of the right ciliary field and the circumoral kineties bend around the pre-oral region so that their anterior ends lie adjacent to the horizontal preoral kinety. Kinety 3 of the left field is broken at the level of the mouth entra. Dorsal brush lies along the left anterior end of body, cilia rigid, the somatic cilia are about 8 microns long.
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