Parasite150059-fig2 - Head of Ricinus vaderi

Image de Ricinus vaderi

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Description: English: Figure 2 of paper, head only Head of Ricinus vaderi Valan, 2016, ♀ from Melanocorypha calandra. Head, dorsoventral view: df, dorsal setae of the frons; f, ventral setae on the frons; a, setae on the temples dorsally; d, setae on the dorsum of the head; t, setae positioned dorsolaterally on temples; m, setae dorsoventrally on the marginal carinae; po, postocular setae; pa, paraantennal setae; preant., preantennal setae; ment., mental setae; pm, paramental setae; max. palp., maxillary palpi; max., maxillary setae; pal. scl., pallete sclerite; lun. n., lunar nodi; tent. n., tentorial nodi; ant. n., antennal nodi. Scale bar is 0.2 mm. Date: 22 February 2016. Source: (2016). "Chewing lice of genus Ricinus (Phthiraptera, Ricinidae) deposited at the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg, Russia, with description of a new species". Parasite 23: 7. DOI:10.1051/parasite/2016007. ISSN 1776-1042. Author: Miroslav Valan, Oldrich Sychra and Ivan Literak.

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