Status report, for EOL members

Were you registered on the eol.org website prior to Nov. 16, 2018? This update is for you. You may be wondering:

What happened to my user profile?

Your account information, including username, associated email, profile description, and collections owned, have been imported to the new EOL. Your username is still your display name on the site, but you must now log in with your email address. We could not migrate your password for security reasons; sorry for the bother. You'll be able to reset it using the Forgot Password process. If you logged in only using a third party provider- Google, Twitter or FaceBook- please bear with us; we're working out some issues with the shared login processes.

What about all my work on the site?

That has been saved, and brought into EOL v3. Some of your work needed to be translated. For instance, you may have given images ratings on our 5 star scale, or selected images as the exemplar for a taxon page. Our new system doesn't have ratings, but each page's media gallery does have a rank order of images, the first of which is the exemplar. Your ratings and exemplar selections, and those of other members, have been combined to produce ordered lists of images to send to the top of the taxon galleries- and others to send to the bottom. Our v3 image galleries have been put in order based on this input.

Some of you have written articles in the EOL v2 interface. These articles have been imported and linked to your user profile. Those of you who are Assistant or Full curators may have contributed common names that EOL was missing, and selected common names as the preferred to show as the page title. These have also been imported, and carry a link to your profile also.

Your collections: Most members who used the collections feature used it to collect species and other taxa. These collections have been brought in. If you had EOL users, images or other media in your collections, I'm afraid we were unable to migrate those items. Their identifiers are not the same in the new platform. The good news is, there's a ton of new stuff for you to collect in EOL now, and new collection tools for you to try.

Your curator status, if you had it, has been cached, and will be applied once curator tools are in place. If you're a full curator, you may have Trusted or Untrusted some media. Those flags will be brought in after your user account is in place, so we can credit you by linking the curation actions to your profile page.

Did you crop images in the old EOL? Custom cropping is not supported yet in the new EOL, but we have saved all your crop coordinates, and hope to apply them sometime in 2019.