First published on EOL over 7 years ago; Last updated almost 3 years ago;

About Africhthy

Wherever our home base, those of us interested in African fishes need up-to-date resources to identify species, locate literature and a means to find each other and collaborate. Africhthy seeks to provide these things to anyone with an internet connection. Currently, we are uploading content via two LifeDesk websites: the Mormyridae Lifedesk at and the Congo Fishes LifeDesk at Our main Scratchpad site is at In general, our goals are to provide (1) a classification reflecting the most recent published changes to fish taxonomy and keys to species, (2) a descriptive taxon page for each genus and species that will include high quality photographs of type and non-type specimens, (3) information on the behavior and ecology of each species when such are available, (4) a bibliography that will include all original species descriptions and many other important works on African fishes as downloadable PDF files, (5) a social networking site where ichthyologists, conservationists, fisheries technicians and hobbyists can find each other, share data and expertise, and plan research.

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