Taxon pages to be merged

This community is an attempt to collect taxon pages that need to be merged because of duplication due to synonymy, misspellings, wrong authors, etc. For each group of pages that need to be merged a featured collection is added to the focus collection "Collections with taxon pages to be merged ". For the name of the featured collections we suggest "Duplicates of * " with * = the prefered name/correct spelling of the taxon.

Almost all of the duplication issues reported here have been resolved. If you find any more such cases please add the taxa or the "Duplicates of * " collection to the Taxon Concept Management To Do List. All the members of this community should be able to post items to this collection. If you don't have access, please request it in the To Do List newsfeed. We'll then add you to the list of managers.

The Newsfeed for this EOL Community gathers updates associated with the items belonging to its Managed Collections, including activities of its members and comments from other EOL users.

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