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ViBRANT is an EU FP7 funded project supporting the development of virtual research communities involved in biodiversity science. Our goal is to provide a more integrated and effective framework for those managing biodiversity data on the Web. As part of these activities, taxon descriptions from parts of this infrastructure plug straight into EOL. ViBRANT provides: 

  • A Virtual Research Environment (Scratchpads) where users can safely store, share and manage their research information.
  • Analytical services for users to build identification keys and phylogenetic trees.
  • A publication platform for users to automatically compile biodiversity science manuscripts from their research database.
  • A portal for users to centrally access publicly accessible biodiversity research information and literature.
  • Training, helping research communities to use these tools and services.
  • A standards compliant technical architecture that can be sustained by biodiversity research community.

Get involved by: Starting a Scratchpad, getting training, accessing data, becoming a developer or a Scratchpad ambassador.

. Last indexed March 17, 2015