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Golden Gate National Recreation Area - Common Animals and Plants

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This is a Collection of commonly seen animals and plants throughout the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco, CA, USA.

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    Hemigrapsus oregonensis

    Bay Shore Crab

    I have a nearly rectangular upper shell.

    I have visible fringes of "hair" on my legs.

    I feed mainly on seaweeds, especially green algae.

    I am common in salt marshes all along the northern Pacific coast of North America.

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    Mya arenaria

    Softshell Clam

    My native home is the Atlantic Ocean, but I was introduced to San Francisco Bay by the 1870s and spread as far north as Alaska by the 1950s.

    I live buried in sand or mud.

    I have a hard shell and thick tube-like "siphons" that are used to bring in water, which I filter for food particles then expel.

    Many humans say I am delicious.

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    Microtus californicus

    California Vole

    I live mainly in California.

    I am found in grassy fields, meadows, and around wetlands.

    I am active mainly during the day, but try to stay hidden from predators in runways I make through the grass and shallow underground tunnels.

    I eat green vegetation when I can, but lots of roots and seeds during the dry summer.

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    Clevelandia ios

    Arrow Goby

    I live in the water along the Pacific coast from Canada to Mexico.

    To keep me safe from predators and drying out, I often live in burrows in mud or sand made by shrimps or worms.

    I am quite small, just around 4 to 6 cm long.

    I feed on tiny bits of algae and invertebrate animals, sometimes placing large food particles near crabs and waiting for them to shred them into pieces I can eat.

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    Distichlis spicata

    Common Saltgrass